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Balayage At The Best Hair & Beauty Salon in Winchester

Balayage is one of the most exciting and on trend colour services we offer at Barnet and Tutti Hair Salon in Winchester. Balayage lets our hair colour experts work with you to get the most creative, vibrant, and unique hair colour which will match your lifestyle and look.

Please Note: For your safety, we require a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

What Is Balayage?

At Barnet and Tutti Hair & Beauty Salon in Winchester we are sure that you have all heard the word Balayage, but what actually is balayage and why is it such a popular hair colour? Balayage is a hair colour technique applied free hand using different shades of light and dark to create a bespoke look best suited for you! Think of it as contouring, but for your hair. This colour contouring technique creates dimension and body, contrasting light and dark which can be subtle or dramatic, creating either a natural or bold look depending on what you like!

Although blonde balayage is the most popular balayage, balayage can be created on red, pastel, or grey hair – and we can even add fashion colours if you fancy! Book your hair colour appointment with one of our colour specialists at the best balayage salon in Winchester to start your balayage journey.

Best Balayage Hair Salon In Winchester


Colden Common




Chandler's Ford

Summery Blonde Hair Colour Winchester hairdressers

What Is The Difference Between Ombré & Balayage?

Choosing what to have as your next hair colour service can be very overwhelming. That’s why we offer free hair colour consultations to guide you to the best choice for you! Another popular colour option is Ombré. Ombré is different to Balayage in that the root of the hair remains natural or a darker shade and the ends of the hair are lighter. The ends can be a contrasting natural blonde, red, or any vibrant colour you want! As the roots are natural or darker, touch ups are not needed as often! There are lots of variations around Balayage and Ombré, book your appointment and we can give you more detail on different techniques that will be perfect for you. 


Why Should I Choose Balayage?

Apart from being able to join the likes of celebrities and influencers in your style, balayage is the perfect option for creating a natural, low-maintenance look. Our colour specialists in Winchester will choose shades to compliment you and your style. If you want to go for a bold look, we can help you decide between a full balayage to show how unique you are, or a partial balayage for a more subtle look! We love to encourage creativity, so please bring pictures and ideas to your appointment so we can create the best look for you.

Balayage For Mid-Length Hairstyles

Balayage is not only for long hair, it is perfect for shorter hair too! Adding face framing and lighter blending to a bob or lob can create dimension and depth as well as giving the appearance of more volume, which is always a bonus!


Get Long Lasting Hair Colour With BalayageRavishing Red Hair Colour winchester Hairdressers

With balayage you can go longer between appointments, especially if your balayage works with your natural colour, avoiding harsh regrowth lines! If you feel you need a bit of a top up, you can get a few face-framing highlights to make the front stand out, without having the full balayage every time. This is great for your life on the go! Timeless style does not need to be time consuming.


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