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It' s amazing what a difference beautiful brows can make to the way you look.   The right shape can add structure and definition to your face and make your eyes look look bigger and wider.   

As many of us learned over lockdown, it's hard to keep really tame your own brows and keep them looking their best, so book an appointment with the skilled brow masters at our Winchester salon.  We offer a range of techniques to give you the perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows.   Keep your brow game strong:  call us today on 01962 820273 or book your appointment online.

Please Note :  For your safety, we require a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before your brow tinting appointment.

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Threading Facial Hair Removal Winchester Beauty SalonEyebrow Waxing and Threading at Top Winchester Beauty Salon

Book in for a bespoke eyebrow tidy to give your brows the definition they deserve.  Our expert brow technicians will carry out a consultation before your service to make sure they fully understand your preferences on shape and thickness.  

We use waxing, threading and tweezing to create the perfect shape.  These are hygienic and efficient ways to remove hair from the root.    Threading is an accurate and precise way to remove even tiny brow hairs by using a cotton thread to create beautiful arches to frame your face.     

Some say achieving the perfect brow shape is like having a mini-facelift - so book your anti-aging boost at our Winchester salon today!

Beautiful Brows at Barnet & Tutti Winchester beauty salonCelebrate Your Brows With Eyebrow Tinting

Perfectly shaped eyebrows deserve to be noticed so why not add a tint to show yours off?    Tinting will even out your own brow colour and can help to bring out the colour of your eyes too. 

Your B&T brow technician will mix the perfect shade to suit your hair, skin & eye colouring to ensure your brows look fabulous.  You could also choose to go darker for a more dramatic look.  The tint should last for up to 6 weeks and is a great way to cover up random grey hairs too! 

Please note:  Please pop in to the salon for a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before any tinting treatment.

Brow Lamination Treatments Winchester Beauty SalonCOMING SOON Brow Lamination at Barnet & Tutti Beauty Winchester

Get full, gorgeously glossy brows without the need for gels and pencils!   Yes that's right, at our Winchester salon we offer the hottest trend in the brow industry : brow lamination.  AKA a brow lift or fluffy brow, brow lamination is a popular service that achieves natural looking results. 

Brow lamination is a two step process. It begins with a lifting solution being applied to the brows to straighten the individual hairs, making them softer or more malleable.   After this the brows are brushed into the desired shape and tidied up using sterilsed tweezers.  Finally a laminating solution is applied to volumise the brows and keep them in place.  The laminating solution is a protein composition of keratin and silicone which will encourage your natural brows to grow by protecting them.  We may also apply a tint to your brows if desired.

Using this technique we can create lots of different looks, including the popular ‘Fluffy Brow’.   This is the full, soft and feathery brow that you will often see on models at fashion shows and in magazines.  We can also offer a sleeker, smoother look by simply adding brow gel.

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Next stop Barnet & Tutti for beautiful brows!  Book your appointment by calling us on 01962 820273 or you can book online.