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Hair Colour Correction At Barnet & Tutti Hair Salon In Winchester

Hands-up if you've coloured your hair at home and it's somehow not quite as fabulous as the model on the side of the box dye!  If this sounds like you, do not despair - our hair colour correction experts at Barnet & Tutti Hairdressers in Winchester are here to help.  

Your first step towards getting your hair colour looking luscious is to call us ASAP on 01962 820273 for a complimentary consultation.  We can assess the damage and come up with a plan to restore your hair colour.  Don't worry - we will give you all the information you need, from 'the plan' to the timescale and price.

No-one wants a bad hair day so we'll use our years of expertise to help you look and feel fabulous once more.

Please Note: For your safety, we require a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

The Best Hairdressers Near Me For Hair Colour Corrections


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Chandler's Ford


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First, let's cover the plus-side of using a box dye.  If you have virgin hair with no greys then you might just end up with a lovely colour.  

However, there's also a risk your hair colour will look one-dimensional, flat and lifeless AND the next time you apply your box dye - to cover the dreaded root regrowth - you may end up with overlapping 'bands' of colour.  

Professional salon hair colour products may be pricier than the box dye but we use the best hair colours that guarantee intense colours full of brilliance that are gentle on the hair and gives 100 % grey coverage. Add to that the fact that our colour technicians have trained for years to understand the science of hair colouring, and you can see that your hair is in great hands!


Common Hair Colour Problems

We've seen just about every hair colour problem known to man (and woman) and we are always able to offer a hair colour correction solution.  So, what are the most common hair colour issues?

  • Patchy hair colour occurs when colour has been unevenly applied or has 'taken' too quickly on dry hair.  
  • Unnatural hair colours happens for various reasons but often when you go from brunette to blonde without pre-lightening your hair.  No-one wants an unnatural orange hair colour!
  • Fluffy frizzy hair is often the result if you colour hair that has already been over-bleached or over-processed.  We will never make your hair colour worse or apply colour to hair that simply cannot cope with it.

Hair Colour Correction From The Experts at Barnet & Tutti Winchester Hair SalonDo Not Try This At Home - Box Dye Balayage

Balayage is perhaps the biggest hair colour trend around right now which has led to some people thinking they can create this at home themselves. If you've had a go and now have a patchwork quilt hair colour effect, please book in for a hair colour consultation at our Winchester hair salon as soon as possible.  

We have undergone specialist training to learn how to create balayage which really is a highly-skilled colouring technique.  We will choose the right colours and the right placement in your hair to give you perfect balayage results.

Bear in mind, we may suggest more than one appointment to fix your hair colour.  Our ultimate aim is to get your locks back to a healthy state and to give you beautiful hair colour.

Book A Hair Colour Consultation At Barnet & Tutti Hair Salon In Winchester

Please do not be embarrassed or shy to tell us about your hair colour problems.  We are here to help and we also love a challenge every now and then!  Book your colour consultation by calling our Winchester Hair Salon on 01962 820273 or book online here.