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Being fuzz-free is a trend that's not going anywhere, so book an appointment at our Winchester beauty salon - your number one destination for silky smooth skin.  We know that body hair removal is not something anyone really looks forward to, so our expert team is here to look after you, offering a quick, safe and effective service in the comfortable and relaxed surroundings of our central Winchester salon.

 We can provide a range of hair removal treatments, depending on your preferences and the area to be treated.   Take a look at the options below and call us on 01962 820273 to book in for your hair removal appointment.  Alternatively you can book online here.

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Waxing Hair Removal Services in Winchester

Underarm waxing Winchester beauty salonAt Barnet & Tutti we're waxing specialists.   Waxing is a temporary hair removal treatment that rips the hair directly from the root to guarantee a smooth and clean finish every time.  Your B&T beauty therapist will offer an efficient and discreet service and will keep any discomfort to a minimum.

We use luxurious Crème Wax which contains soothing and antiseptic tea tree ingredients, making it ideal for use on sensitive skin and sensitive areas.  Crème Wax also contains moisturising agents, so it won't strip away your skin's natural moisture along with the unwanted hair.

We offer waxing services for all areas of the body, including Brazilian Waxing, Hollywood Waxing or even the Las Vegas wax, complete with Swarovski Crystals!

You should let your hair grow for around three weeks for optimum waxing hair removal results. Most people see minimal regrowth in around three weeks and return for repeat waxing treatments between four to six weeks after their initial treatment.  Waxing can be messy and difficult to apply yourself, so make sure you book an appointment with the professionals at Barnet & Tutti for the best results.

COMING SOON - Permanent IPL Laser Hair Removal at Top Beauty Salon in Winchester

For a longer-term solution to the problem of unwanted body hair, we'd recommend Intense Pulsed Light laser hair removal.  

Our expert beauty therapists can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using our safe and efficient Lynton laser hair removal system.  

Although laser hair removal is more expensive than waxing, most people see a massive reduction in hair regrowth.    The treatment is relatively painless, with most clients describing the sensation as a slight stinging.

For best results, we usually recommend a course of treatments at four to eight weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. 

Threading Facial Hair Removal Winchester Beauty SalonFacial Threading at Top Winchester Beauty Salon

Threading is a specialist hair removal skill that uses a thin cotton or polyester thread which is doubled, then twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair.  This pinches the hair between the threads and removes it at the root.  Unlike tweezing, it can remove sections of hair quickly, precisely and easily.

At Barnet & Tutti we offer professional eyebrow shaping using threading, waxing and tweezing.  Your beauty therapist will discuss your requirements with you before delivering a beautifully shaped eyebrow.

We can also use threading to remove hair from your upper lip, chin and sides of the face

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