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Fight the Frizz With Hair Smoothing at Barnet & Tutti Hair Salon in Winchester

If damaged and frizzy hair is getting you down, we’re here to make your life easier at Barnet & Tutti Winchester hairdressing salon.

You can wave goodbye to dull and unruly locks with our top-quality Nanokeratin hair smoothing treatments, which will deliver the smooth and silky hair you've been longing for.   Whatever your hair type, the Nanokeratin system will simultaneously repair and smooth your locks to produce gorgeous shiny hair that’s easy to manage and soft to touch.   Even better, the results last for up to 4 months!

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How Does Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing Work? 

The Nanokeratin system can transform all hair types, including dry, unruly and frizzy hair and hair that has been coloured.  

The smoothing process replaces lost protein in your hair by injecting keratin (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) into the hair shaft.  This revolutionary treatment, sometimes known as a Brazilian Blow-Dry, re-aligns and bonds protein into the hair, making it smooth, shiny and healthy looking.

As well as making your hair smooth and straight, it helps to close the cuticle on damaged hair strands which will make your hair colour look more vibrant.  Hair smoothing doesn't alter the hair structure, so it causes no damage to your hair, just adding elasticity, strength and shine.

For optimum results with coloured hair, it should be applied the same day that your hair is coloured to help lock in shine and colour.   

Nanokeratin hair smoothing Winchester Hairdressing salon

Your Hair Smoothing FAQs

Is Nanokeratin hair smoothing treatment for me?    If you struggle with dry, damaged, frizzy, or generally unruly hair, a smoothing Nanokeratin treatment is perfect for you.  As well as being suitable for all hair types, it is perfect for all lifestyles - however you treat your hair!  The entire treatment requires just one salon visit and requires minimal maintenance, making it suitable for even the busiest of bees!

What is keratin?    Keratin is a protein which naturally occurs in your hair, skin, and nails.

How long is the treatment process?    The time taken to carry out smoothing treatments varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  However, you can typically expect the treatment to last around 90 minutes.

How much does a Nanokeratin smoothing treatment cost at your Winchester salon?  The cost will depend on the length of your hair, its current condition and the treatment specific treatment we use.   Book a free, no-obligation consultation and we can assess your hair and give you a quote.

Top Tips for the Best Hair Smoothing Results

We recommend that you wait 3-4 days before you wash your hair after your appointment with us.  This will give time for the treatment to properly set into your hair and start working.  It's important that you only use the recommended sulphate free hair care products after your treatment.   We will discuss this with you at your initial consultation and recommend the correct products.

You should also wait at least two weeks before colouring your hair after having your hair treated with us.  This is because getting your hair coloured any sooner will mean that the pigments don’t properly take to your hair, leaving it patchy, streaky, and less vibrant than expected.

Get Silky Smooth Hair - Book a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment at
Barnet & Tutti Hairdressing Salon in Winchester

Soft, strong, smooth, and shiny hair is just a call away!  You can book a free no-obligation hair smoothing consultation by calling the salon on 01962 820273 or by using our easy online booking system.  

We can’t wait to help you fight the frizz!

* Please note that for all Nanokeratin services, to guarantee that the treatment lasts the specified time it is necessary to use only sulphate free shampoo and conditioner at home.