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Healthy Hair With INNOluxe Hair Treatments At Barnett & Tutti
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The health and vitality of your hair is our number one priority here at Barnett & Tutti hair & beauty salon in Winchester  

The health and vitality of your hair is our top priority at Barnet & Tutti Hairdressing Winchester so make sure you take the time to talk to your stylist about any hair and scalp issues you may be experiencing.   To keep your hair looking its beautiful best, it sometimes needs a little help, which is why your stylist might recommend an INNOluxe treatment.  INNOluxe hair treatments are designed to improve the health of your hair so it stays looking super glossy and feeling wonderfully nourished, soft and strong.

Using the very latest advanced technology to repair and rebuild the network of sulphur bonds which make up your hair, INNOluxe allows you to push the boundaries with gutsy styles and vibrant colours - without having to compromise on your hair's condition.

To book your ticket to gorgeous glossy hair, call us today on 01962 820273. Together we can help devise a plan to bring your hair back to health once more. 

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Prolong The Life Of Coloured Hair With INNOluxe

Have you ever popped a hair mask on at home only to find your hair feels weighed down and oily afterwards?  

We all have different hair needs so it's important to use the right deep conditioning hair products to protect & prolong the life of your hair colour and keep it looking vibrant for longer. We offer high-quality INNOluxe conditioning hair treatment designed to protect your hair during the colouring process, whilst repairing and restoring strength.

Not only does it restore dry and damaged hair, but it also gives you stronger, smoother, shinier locks delivering the long-lasting results you’ve been waiting for.

Achieve Healthy, Stronger Hair

If your hair is damaged due to heat, chemical treatments, or excessive styling, then INNOluxe is perfect for you. INNOluxe is a revolutionary system that not only works to protect & repair coloured hair but it also delivers exceptional results on hair that has been straightened, relaxed hair and even hair that has been permed. Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved, better yet, it can be used as a deep conditioning hair treatment at the backwash on hair that has never been coloured, bleached or chemically treated.

What Is An INNOluxe Hair Treatment?

Innoluxe Hair Treatments winchester HairdressersINNOluxe isn't just any old product that will make your hair feel softer and smell nice.  Designed by hairdressers working together with scientists, it’s built on some seriously game-changing science and protein technology which is transforming the world of haircare.

Styling and colour treatments take their toll on your hair, and the bolder and more creative you want to go, the stronger the foundations you need to build if you are to maintain your hair's condition and get the look you're after.  That's where INNOluxe comes in.  It protects, rebuilds and repairs your hair from within by using proteins to rebuild the bonds within your hair.

How Does INNOluxe Work?

Your hair is made of up to 91% protein.  The protein building blocks within your hair are joined together by disulphide bonds, which give your hair its form and strength.   When you chemically treat or colour your hair, these bonds can be broken or damaged, which challenges the structure of your hair, leaving it delicate and vulnerable.  Drying and straightening your hair, and even just the sun can make the situation worse.

Until recently, the only option for dealing with damaged, brittle hair was to put up with it looking dull and breaking, or simply cut it off.  But not any more!   INNOluxe has developed ground-breaking protein technology to protect, rebuild and repair each individual hair.   

 INNOluxe uses exceptionally low weight proteins to reinforce the hair's sulphur bonds, leaving it stronger and healthier than before. On top of all that, some of our products include Cystine, an amino acid that delivers complete di-sulphide bonds direct into the hair, giving it a strength and flexibility never before seen in hair repair.

Book Your INNOluxe Hair Treatment At Barnett & Tutti
Hairdressers, Central Winchester

Give your hair a new lease of life with one of our fantastic hair treatments at Winchester’s newest hair & beauty salon.  If you are unsure if this treatment is right for your hair concern or hair type, make sure you talk to your stylist. 

Did you know we also offer a range of effective beauty treatments at Barnett & Tutti? Why not take some time out, relax and enjoy being pampered? See our beauty menu and prices. Call us on 01962 820273 or book securely online using born the pop-up tab to the side of the page.

INNOluxe is available as an add on to your hair colour appointment or as a stand-alone treatment.